Moto Seat is the leader in providing the widest range of seat covers for the powersports industry.

MotoSeat only use the finest materials and the best craftsman, with a manufacturing team that has more the 25 years of experience building seats and seat covers for the powersports industry.


Custom covers are made in the USA and can take 2-3 weeks to be delivered, Every seat will come with manufactures logo on the side except Husqvarna
Please choose from the colours, CRF Red, KX Green, KTM Orange, Yz Yellow, TM Blue, YZ Blue, Navy, White, Black
For extra cost we can add piping to the seat and also kevlar sides to make the seat  extremely hard wearing .



To order your MotoSeat. Please email us at

with your bike details and specification of the design of the seat you want .


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